Thursday, October 13, 2011

6 MoNtH pHoTo ShOoT!

Can I just start by saying that Taylee is my favorite!?! I just love this little cutie more and more every day. And I can not believe that she is 6 months old!!! She is SO much fun! Logan And I are just loving every minute with her! Here are a few things that we just love about her:

~She is so quick to smile- and it is such a beautiful smile!

~She can army crawl now and she's into everything and can go wherever she wants!

~She can sit up and play with her toys but it doesn't last long cause she's always wanting to go somewhere!

~She lets you know if you hurt her feelings. She is definitely a girl cause this happens all the time!

~She loves her mama :)

~She thinks her daddy is pretty funny!

~She loves to eat!

~She can suck out of a straw now and won't let you be selfish with your drink!

~She loves her puppy, Elle. I think she talks more to her then anybody!

~Sometimes she finds the bow in her hair and when she does she loves to pull it off and suck on it! (mom doesn't love this but dad and Tay think its pretty funny)

~She gives the best "kisses"!

~She loves when we sing to her and her favorite song is 'I often go walking' (we change the last line to "dear Taylee all flowers remind me of you!")

~She loves to sleep in bed with mom and dad all snuggled up! (we are working on this one...)

~She LOVES the shower! I think she could spend hours in there and be one happy gal!

~She is super ticklish! And has the cutest laugh! (her dad gets her going pretty good!)

~She is so talkative! We LOVE it!

We are SO blessed to have such a sweet little girl in our home! We can't imagine life without her.

My good friend Alisha took Tay's pictures for us the other day and I love how they turned out! The pictures show a bit of her personality (some serious, some happy, some just show how darn pretty she is!) and like I said,Taylee is army crawling all over the place now and is into everything! So it wasn't easy to get these pics but we got it done! Thanks Alisha!


Dave and Alisha said...

Good job to you. they look great! I love that our kids are becoming such good friends!!

Matt & Katie said...

oh my goodness! Those are the most adorable pictures and outfits and most importantly - baby ever! So fun.
**Lets plan a date night!

Mike and Traci said...

Lora! Holy cow!! I really cannot believe how big Tay is! She is sooo cute! I want to be there to see those adorable smiles in person. I seriously love her smiles in those pictures. We are sad to not be there to see her grow up, so thank you for posting pictures. I really appreciate it! Hope you guys are doing well! We love you all!

The Perry Family said...

Such a cute little girl!! You guys make a cute family, they grow so quick!

Kirsten said...

Hopefully this isn't too weird or random... Logan said your maiden name was Weston (I grew up in cache valley and went to sky view, but I'm old) anyway my sister, Celia, knows your sister Joni. Hopped a couple blogs and there you are! :) ok so maybe it's a little creepy.
Anyway. You guys are too cute, and your baby is adorable.
We've got a blog, but it's private. Send me your email and I'll send you a link... If you want. And I won't keep spying on you, much. Ha ha.

Melanie said...

Oh my heck I love that lil cutie! SO cute!! Thanks for helping me with my blog...Now I've just gotta get something on there...haha. Love ya!